Bloom With
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Bloom With
A View

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It's Bloomer Season

We’re fortunate to be able to grow and nurture all our flowering houseplants plants right here in New Hampshire greenhouse. Right now, it’s a beautiful kaleidoscope of spring color! We invite you to come wander and find what makes you happy. If you’re not local, you can find all our houseplants online and have them shipped fresh, direct to your door!

Our Blooming Best

African Violet


Florist Kalanchoe


Plumbago, Leadwort


The Best 

Shrimply The Best

Easter Cactus

Often mistaken for Christmas Cactus, this easy care variation blooms around Easter time, with vibrant and beautiful flowers in shades from red, pink, white or orange.

Blue Bahama Passion Plant

Nature rarely blooms in blue. With show stopping frilly petals and intricate coloration and design, as well as a slight citrus fragrance, this plant is an exceptional blooming vine.

Indian Dunes Geranium

An old time favorite, usually grown for its striking, scalloped chartreuse leaves, which are splashed with a bronze center. A pleasant gift when it blooms with single scarlet-red flowers.

Nurturers By Nature

Nurtured By




For Home


All of our indoor plants are grown and nurtured by pros, right here in our New Hampshire greenhouses. With hundreds of plants for sale, we take pride in earning your repeat business, for all the right reasons. 

We’ve been shipping houseplants since before it was cool, and when you start your plant parenthood journey at Studley’s, you can breathe easy knowing you are on the right path to green thumb success. 

Whether you order for local pick-up or buy plants online for shipping nationwide direct to your door, they’ll always be fresh from our greenhouse, not a warehouse.

We ship houseplants via USPS, and we are mindful of the fact that sending later than mid-week, could mean your plant babies end up sitting in a warehouse all alone over the weekend. We don’t want that for them, or for you, so we only ship on Mondays & Tuesdays to ensure the most expedited delivery. 

To further protect your investment, we also monitor for any anticipated weather or USPS service delays.

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