Crassula Pellucida


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Crassula pellucida

8 in stock

Product Description

Crassula Pellucida is a spreading or trailing succulent with light green leaves with a creamy edge margin. Both the stems and leaf undersides are pink to red wit a deep reddish-burgundy becoming apparent when grown outdoors in full sun. It is an excellent hanging basket or used as a spiller out of a container. As with all succulents, grow in full sun and allow to dry between waterings. Sold in a 3″ pot 7.33 fl. Oz. (217 ml).

Latin Name: [meta name=”Latin Name” default=””]
USDA Zone: [meta name=”USDA Zone Min” default=”1″] to [meta name=”USDA Zone Max” default=”1″]
Sun Preference: [meta name=”Sun Preference” default=”Full Sun”]
Shipping Form: [meta name=”Shipping Form” default=”Pot”]
Height: [meta name=”Full Height Min (inches)” default=”1″]” to [meta name=”Full Height Max (inches)” default=”1″]”
Width: [meta name=”Full Width Min (inches)” default=”1″]” to [meta name=”Full Width Max (inches)” default=”1″]”
Growth Rate: [meta name=”Growth Rate” default=”Medium”]

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