Swiss Cheese Plant


Swiss Cheese Plant

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Swiss Cheese Plant or Monstera is popular for its large, heart-shaped leaves, which are covered in abundant holes, resembling a slice of Swiss cheese. It is an easy to grow, vining house plant that can be grown either in a hanging basket, or can climb up a stake or trellis. Aerial roots grow along the stem and will help it attach to something as it climbs, and also allow it to be easily propagated. Provide bright filtered light and allow the soil to dry slightly between thorough waterings. Sold in a 4.5″ Pot 1.37 Pt. (648 ml.).


Latin Name: Monstera adansonii
USDA Zone: 10 to 11
Sun Preference: Partial Shade
Shipping Form: Pot
Height: 36” to 120”
Width: 24” to 48”
Growth Rate: Medium

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