White Crown Of Thorns


White Crown Of Thorns

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White Crown of Thorns is a woody, spiny succulent plant. Leaves are found on the newest growth and it is not uncommon for the plant to defoliate completely if put under stress. White Crown of Thorns can flower year round and usually does with an abundance of pure white flowers on the growing tips which fade to yellowish-green. Like all succulents, provide full sun outdoors or a sunny windowsill indoors and allow to dry completely between thorough waterings. Sold in a 4″ pot 14 fl. Oz. (414 ml).

Latin Name: Euphorbia milii
USDA Zone: 10 to 11
Sun Preference: Full Sun
Shipping Form: Pot
Height: 24” to 36”
Width: 12” to 24”
Growth Rate: Slow

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